Interactive Sensory parties are ideal for babies, toddlers & kids!
Our sensory parties and sessions are suitable for any occasion including:

  • 1st Birthday Parties
  • Toddler Parties
  • Christenings, Weddings
  • School fairs and fetes
  • Opening Events …and much more!

In our new baby bubble rave party we will show everyone some amazing bubble tricks including giant bubbles, foam animals, scented fog bubbles & beautiful rainbow bubbles. We then turn the lights low and enjoy the glowing bubbles, smokey glow foam, interactive lights and glow in the dark creatures – a sensation of lights and bubbles! Everything is interactive for your babies or toddlers to get involved, portable multi-sensory spaces and we encourage family and everyone to get involved! You can also put your baby or child in a giant bubble, they will be totally amazed! The birthday baby, toddler or child will also receive a FREE SENSORY GIFT from us!


1-15 Children Max. Interactive Session (1 Entertainer)

Parent attendance is recommended for interactive sessions

Morning Sessions (Before 12pm)

1 Hour  – £150.00

2 Hours – £200.00

Afternoon Sessions (After 12pm)

1 Hour  – £200.00

2 Hours – £250.00

1-25 Children Max. Interactive Session (2 Entertainers) 

Parent attendance is recommended for interactive sessions  

1 Hour  – £275.00

2 Hours – £350.00

  • Providing hassle-free party fun and entertainment.
  • Celebrating important milestones
  • Creating everlasting memories
  • Developing a bond between babies and parents and family.
  • Sharing your Baby Sensory experiences
  • Capturing beautiful photos full of joy and excitement

To Book your baby sensory party contact us here.

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