Baby, Toddler & Kids Entertainers for Birthday Parties Near Me
Interactive Sensory parties are ideal for babies, toddlers & kids!Our sensory parties and sessions are suitable for any occasion including: 1st
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One to One Taster Sessions
We’re currently offering (free) one to one taster sessions for anyone with a Client Affairs appointee, there is no cost
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One to one sensory sessions dementia
Beautiful Sensory Moments in One to One Sessions
Sensory sessions can be so rewarding and beautiful; especially one to one session where you can really connect with each
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sensory light led room kit set
Sensory Sensation Light Bundle
Available now for only £7.99!!! All of our lights are beautiful, interactive and fun; ideal for group and one to
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Sensory bubble room party experience in Bristol, childrens entertainer.
DIY Light Session Kit
We often got asked our sensory sessions and parties we often got asked where we get our products from, we
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Care Facilities & Hospice Entertainment
Interactive Bubble Entertainment for Care Homes & Hospices Fun and interactive sensory bubble sessions, light, touch and neurocognitive entertainment therapy
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Sensory room glow in the dark bubble lights SEN school sensory rooms ideas.
DIY Sensory Room on a Budget With our whole kit
Having a child be diagnosed with autism (ASD), Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties or any other disability can be a
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Ideas For Birthday Party & Events for Special Needs Children
See below our sensory and bubble entertainment options for birthday parties, weddings and events. We work extensively in Gloucestershire, Stroud,
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Sensory Bubble Entertainment for SENCO Schools & Nurseries
We regularly do group and one to one sessions with children with special needs; and have worked in many special
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Let It Glow Inclusive Party, Schools & Care Homes
Sensational Bubble & Glow Party & SEN School Sessions Book us to come for your babies or child’s birthday party.
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