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  1. Non-refundable deposit. (30% of total) Required to secure your booking & is non refundable.
  2. Balance. Must be paid 14 days before the booking date or your entertainer will not attend and you lose the deposit.
  3. Paying in cash. If we have accepted a cash payment option (must have requested and approved by us when booking) your balance must be paid to us or the entertainer before he/she starts work.
  4. For events that require us to be on site early. If you require your us to arrive more than 30 minutes before the start time you will need to pay additional time. If you haven’t discussed early arrival times with us please do so before continuing.
  5. If you cancel your booking (28 days before the event/party) the final balance will be payable. The only exception is when the date can be changed with the agreement from us (must also be in 2 months of the original date).

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Once you press the 'SUBMIT' please go to the payments page (link below). A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm & secure your booking.

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