We often got asked our sensory sessions and parties we often got asked where we get our products from, we design the majority of our products as we found the existing sensory products on the market were very limited and very few seemed to be portable!

And so, we’ve created a light bundle to create a sensory session of your own! It’s completely portable and can be added to any room to be played with. We use all products in our sessions and find they are great for all abilities.

Lights can be especially good for children or adults with limited sight and work beautifully with music.

To see more about our bundle click below.

We have an introductory offer of and amazing £7.99 for all three lights!

Sensory room glow in the dark bubble lights SEN school sensory rooms ideas.
Sensory Room Bubble Light Kit – Ideal for SEN Schools Education
So Sensory Room Bubble Kit 'Glow In The Dark' Lights & Bubbles - Ideal for SEN Schools Education Create glow
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sensory light led room kit set
Sensory Sensation Light Bundle
Available now for only £7.99!!! All of our lights are beautiful, interactive and fun; ideal for group and one to
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Sensory bubble room party experience in Bristol, childrens entertainer.

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