We’re currently offering (free) one to one taster sessions for anyone with a Client Affairs appointee, there is no cost to the Home. This session will enhance wellbeing ,will be tailored to the individual &,and lower risk of isolation, particularly targeted for those residents who have no visitors to the Home.

We offer a broad array of fully interactive sensory entertainment to fully personalise each session. We offer music, videos, bubbles, dance, feel and scent sensory items amongst many other things! Our sessions increase positive social interaction, mobility, mood & self-esteem.

Our sessions not only have a significant positive effect on the individual but the care home’s atmosphere as a whole.

  • Person centered care for people with no network around them 
  • Broad array of fully interactive sensory activities (to personalise each session)
  • Portable multi-sensory space including music, bubbles, lights, dance, scents & touch therapy. 
  • Calming and anxiety reducing; promoting mobility, mood & self-esteem 
  • Increases positive social interaction
  • Photos and evidence that can also be used for use in care plan, daily activities sheets & DOLS & CQC. 
  • Can be approved by the council with use of their own money (no cost to the home)
  • Discounts on group sessions

To read more about our one to one sessions please click here.

Or contact us here to discuss us coming to your home/ care facility.

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