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Giant Bubble Rainbow Juice – Concentrated 85ml – Just add water – Makes 1 Litre!

85ml concentrated giant bubble rainbow juice makes 1 Litre once water is added as per instructions.

Here at So Sensory Bubbles we have developed the perfect bubble mixture to create those beautiful, colorful and long lasting giant rainbow bubbles. Ever wondered how to make a giant bubble solution, then look no further, use our concentrated juice and just add water.

We are also a big advocate of hand bubbling, where children blow bubbles using there hands. Hand bubbles is a very sensory, cognitive, creative and overall a fun activity which our bubble mix is perfect for.

Colour: Marine Blue

What our giant bubble solution can be used for:

  • Making giant bubbles
  • Long lasting bubbles
  • Hand bubbling
  • Making bubble foam
  • Perfect to use in our sensory bubble kits
  • Putting a kid-inside-a-bubble
  • Mermaid sea foam
  • Can be used with giant bubble wands, tri-strings and garlands


  • Pour 915ml (up to the 1L line)  of warm water into your bag of giant bubble rainbow juice.
  • Stir slowly to mix.
  • Your giant bubble mixture is ready to go.

Happy Bubbling!


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